Wedding Themes

26 Jul

To make such an event on our big day, the wedding theme is used by couples who are important to them and their guests are happy. You can always stick to simple and elegant wedding themes or make every effort to make your wedding special. Keep in mind that marriage is an important occasion for the bride and groom and this should reflect the topic of marriage. Instagram Captions for Wedding Take the time to sit with your spouse and find any topic of marriage, which will please both of you. Consider the mood and atmosphere that you want to set for your wedding. Do you want it to be very traditional or fun and bizarre? Challenge or comfort? Then think deeply about your personal style, your personality and your interests. If you think in the general direction of working on the subject, thoughts will come naturally to you. Take a look at the topics of the following marriage and the areas of your ceremony and reception which may be influenced by the topic you choose.


Middle Ages - The right setting for this topic will be a historic church or palace. Using calligraphy is a great way to separate this period. The decoration is best with gothic touch and rich colors such as blue and purple.

Victorian - The ideal place for a ceremony on this theme is the garden with a Victorian-style mansion or beautiful gazebo. Better reception is nothing better than being in a grand ballroom. The lace not only decorates the bride's gown, but also decorates the place and other decorative elements. Use bright colors in white, gray and pastel colors and do not forget to add tea to the menu.

1920 - The bride can be very creative by wearing a unique head or a long pearl on the wedding day. Bridesmaids can choose a little outfit like the magnificent flapper image of that time, and men will wear fédros to get them on time. His concert selection for reception can focus on Jab, which combines a unique cabaret environment.


The dress code should be casual for middle-of-the-middle wedding. The clothes should be as little as possible. Shell, Starfish, Flip-Flop and Sandcast are popular beach items that are used in decorations for this wedding theme. The colors of blue, white, and sand generally represent this beautiful environment, and tropical exotic flowers should be used.

City - Whether you are planning a wedding in another city or just want to get married at a different place, you can add specific elements to a particular city to make your wedding theme. Use colors, historical sites, cultural remains, flowers, which represent the city and, of course, fashion.


Rock and Roll - The most important aspect of this wedding theme is music, so your guests can rock and roll the whole night. Instead of dressing like classic bridal couple, you should choose some more rebellious option. Think about your favorite rock songs and use lyric elements to decorate ideas.

Story - Most girls who dream of their dreams require a proper marriage for a princess. Get ideas for your ceremony and reception from your favorite stories. Wedding Captions You can go out of the harbor and gorgeous ballroom or use the subtle touch to create this theme.

Film - Canvas is a great source of inspiration for many couples. If you want to capture the spirit of a particular movie for your wedding, then the possibilities are endless. From wedding dresses and music to food and decoration, there are many different things that you can do to make a movie lively. There are some great movie themes such as Alice in Wonderland, Fat and Gone with the Wind. What are some of your favorites?


Asian - There are many different cultures in Asia, each with its own customs. If the bride or groom is of a certain Asian ethnicity, it is important to include the traditional dress of this culture in marriage and food. Other cultural elements that can be used exclusively, include traditional patterns, artwork, colors, fonts, etc.


Spring - the climate is hot and the flowers are blooming. There is no better weather for your wedding. Marriage in the garden is perfect for this time of year, especially spring wedding flowers and butterflies are very common. The colors used are usually mild, substances that are related to food items, which include fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Summer - Everyone loves summer, so it is one of the most popular seasons for weddings. Outdoor celebration is perfect for this time of year and there are many different places to choose from. Use of bright and vivid colors is ideal for this season. Use fresh food items and drinks and keep your wedding party light and comfortable.

Autumn - This season forces us to think of the fall leaves and bold colors like red, orange, gold and brown color. If the weather is not very cold for you, then an external marriage can still be appropriate. The menu should contain prepared meals with seasonal food items such as pumpkins and apples. The centerpiece with autumn leaves and candles is also welcome.

Winter wedding themes are popular with many couples in Winter Wonderland. Using white as a base color makes the decor easy and elegant, especially when used with silver or gold accents. Think about decorating your place and how to include ice cubes in favor of your wedding.

Wedding color scheme - Once you decide on a subject, it will be easy to choose the color combination that you want to use during your wedding. Choose colors that are representative of your topic.

Wedding Venue - The theme of the wedding also plays an important role in choosing the place for the ceremony and the reception. If you have a theme, you can limit the choices for your wedding.

Wedding Dresses - The theme of the wedding can affect a bride, groom, wedding party and sometimes guest dress. Whether you choose some traditional or unorthodox, formal or casual, it all depends on how your subject fits.

Wedding Decoration - Looking For Unique Decorative Elements And Location Settings? Inspire the wedding themes for your complete reception.

Wedding menu - Wedding theme can greatly affect the food provided by your guests during reception. Your menu can reflect a specific time period, culture, place or season.

Wedding Favors - Give your guests something special that you can take home as a token of appreciation. The gift related to your wedding theme reminds them of the great time they had.

Flower arrangements for the wedding - To choose from many flowers, the theme of the wedding makes it easy to find color combinations for your flower arrangements and limits it to a specific style.

Wedding cake - Wedding cake is a work of art. Your wedding cake can be one of the best presentations of your topic. Discuss your ideas with the expert and let them reveal their magic.

Wedding Invitations - Tell everyone that you are waiting for your big day by including the theme of the wedding in your invitation. This is a great way to get people excited and wait for it to happen.

Wedding Website - After sending the invitation, your guests can find out about your wedding, you can see the day you are preparing for a great wedding and what to do about your wedding website. Find out more. Focus on them and keep them excited by creating a website in the right style of your plan.Wedding cake